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Dallas Fort Worth IMS Users Group

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The Dallas/Fort Worth IMS Users Group holds meetings where IBM, third-party vendors, and users of IMS give presentations on IMS-related topics.

These presentations will be of interest to IMS Systems Programmers, DBAs and Application Developers.

The group has a steering commitee that obtains sponsorship for each meeting, and coordinates the meeting room, the agenda, the mailing of the invitations, etc.

Since the meetings are sponsored by various software vendors, there are no membership fees.


To join the Dallas/Ft. Worth IMS Users Group, send an email to Your email address will be added to the distribution list, and you will receive notification of upcoming meetings.

IMS List Serve

Send an e-mail to and put the command SUBSCRIBE IMS-L in the body of the e-mail. Do not include any other text or your e-mail address in the body.

Steering Committee - 2002

Robin Reddick

Nick Griffin
972 934 5086
Garland Crabtree
713 918 4727 

Mark Hammond 

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