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Code of Conduct

The Dallas/Fort Worth IMS User's Group is primarily for the exchange of information about, and the usage of, the IMS product and ancillary tools, aids and techniques. At any User Group Meeting, no one, including the sponsor, may engage in sales activity, including direct or indirect solicitation, nor engage in any form of personnel recruiting. There must be no discussion of product costs, and direct comparison with competitors' products must be minimized. The User Group mailing list will not be made available to anyone except for official correspondence authorized by the Steering Committee.


The sponsor is responsible for the following costs:

      • Mailing tags
      • The meeting room
      • Overhead projector
      • Microphone (if the room setup necessitates one)
      • Refeshments (coffee and breakfast pastries in the morning, soft drinks and cookies in the afternoon. Attendees are responsible for their own lunch)


The meeting generally consists of five or six presentations, each 45 to 60 minutes long. The sponsor may use as many of the slots as necessary. The steering committee will coordinate other speakers to fill the remaining slots.

If your company would like to sponsor a meeting, send an email to

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