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Oracle Database 10g OLAP Performance Tips & Techniques - Part 2

Oracle Database 10g OLAP Performance Tips & Techniques - Part 1

by Mark Rittman

The OLAP Option to Oracle 10g gives you the ability to store multidimensional cubes of data in your Oracle database, and perform OLAP queries on them using OLAP DML, regular SQL, or query tools such as Oracle Discoverer Plus OLAP. This article provides tips and best practices for designing, loading, aggregating, and querying Oracle OLAP cubes, and in addition, takes a look at some of the new features coming with 10g Release 2.

Podcast: Mark Rittman - Oracle Openworld in Retrospect

Whether you followed Oracle Open World events on your favorite blog or or actually went to San Francisco this year, take a moment to hear what Mark Rittman, Oracle ACE, had to say about the conference and its impact on business intelligence and data warehousing in the months to come.

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Enterprise Database Design for XML

Mark Scardina, Oracle Corp.

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