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Above in this comment thread: The Database Market Shake-Up » Interesting Analysis

RE: Other IBM databases?

Posted by howardfci at 2006-08-04 09:46 PM
Good point about my omission of IBM's DBMSs other than DB2 from the article (Derby, Informix, U2, and Red Brick). I meant for these other IBM databases to be thought of as included in the yellow box in the IBM diagram (under the heading "DB2 and other Info Mgmt products"). But I didn't specifically discuss them in the article.

As you know, IBM picked up Cloudscape/Derby, Informix, U2, and Red Brick several years ago through acquisition from Informix Software.

By open-sourcing Cloudscape as the Derby database, IBM pursues its strategy of selling services and support for open-source products.

I don't ascribe any special importance to U2, Informix, and Red Brick in IBM's current product mix or database strategy.

My sense is that IBM's goals in buying the Informix products were to cheaply acquire two useful assets from a company that was struggling and in decline --

(1) database technology
(2) 100,000+ customers
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