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SQL Server Links

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SQL Server Links An ISNULL Gotcha
When author David Poole runs into a strange glitch in an application he is testing for a null value, he documents his hunt to find the error. by David Poole, SQL Server Central
SQL Server Links Effective Strategies for Data Mining
Misconceptions about the role that data mining plays in decision support solutions can lead to confusion about and misuse of these tools and techniques. This is a good discussion of data mining, including a definition for data mining, exploring the data mining process, how to construct a data mining model, and more. Microsoft Corp.
SQL Server Links SQL Server 2005 Availability and Recovery Features
A chapter download from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 New Features by Michael. This chapter discusses SQL Server 2005’s new availability and recovery features to help you better understand how they can be used to implement SQL Server 2005 in a highly available and recoverable production database environment. Microsoft Corp.
SQL Server Links SQL Server 2005 Features Comparison
A detailed comparison (in chart form) of SQL Server 2005’s product family: Express, Workgroup, Standard, and Enterprise. Included is information about each version’s features relating to high availability, manageability, security, and more. Microsoft Corp
SQL Server Links SQL Server Performance-tuning Worst Practices
Best practices for SQL Server performance tuning not hitting home? How about the best of the worst, including No dedicated development and test environments, No load testing, and more winners. by Jeremy Kadlec, SearchSQLServer
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