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Arup Nanda - Encryption for Oracle Databases

DBAzine’s first podcast! In a follow-up to his two-part article on encryption for Oracle databases, Author and Oracle security expert Arup Nanda talks about his interest in Oracle database security, the importance of data encryption, the fundamentals of data encryption, and more.

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Encryption: The Podcast

a conversation with Arup Nanda

Got encryption?

Author and security expert Arup Nanda talks about one of the most important components of Oracle database security, but also one of the least-well understood — data encryption. In his conversation with host Tom Parish, Arup covers topics including why it is important to have keys of larger lengths, what you need to know about encryption logic and how it is implemented to implement encryption in your database application, what is the biggest challenge in setting up an encryption infrastructure, and more.

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Protect from Prying Eyes: Encryption in Oracle 10g, Part 2

In part one of this two-part article, award-winning Oracle security expert Arup Nanda has discussed some of the basics of data encryption, including what is encryption, encryption algorithms, what type of encryption scheme to use when, and more. In part two, Arup focuses on the other side of encryption: decryption and its elements.


Arup Nanda is the Lead DBA at Starwood Hotels and Resorts. He has been an Oracle DBA for more than 11 years, touching all aspects of database management — from modeling to performance tuning to disaster recovery. He is the co-author of the book Oracle Privacy Security Auditing (2003, Rampant Tech Press).  In 2003, Arup was named Oracle DBA of the Year by Oracle Corp. at Oracle OpenWorld.

Production Credits

Dana Farver, Executive Producer, Communities Editor-in-Chief
Tom Parish, Audio Producer, Show Host
Kimberly Stone, Web Development Manager
Scott Ebner, Web Developer

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