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Tom Kyte - The Ambassador of Oracle

In this one-on-one interview, Kyte talks about how he stays excited about databases in general, and about Oracle in particular, and how he likes to stay in touch with Oracle users worldwide. He also describes the how his successful relationship with Oracle began, and the genesis of the “Ask Tom” column. And he talks about the common mistakes he sees made by Oracle users again and again (and how they can be avoided). Tune in to this fascinating podcast, and find out a little more about the guy who would like to be Oracle’s goodwill ambassador to the world.

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It’s been said that there are not enough people in this world who love what they do for a living, but we’ve found one: Tom Kyte.

The title of Tom’s day job is Vice President of the Core Technologies Group at Oracle Corporation, but you may know him better as a columnist for Oracle Magazine (that’s Tom, as in “Ask Tom”), author of the popular book, Expert One-on-One Oracle, and of the new book, Expert Oracle 9i and 10g Programming Techniques and Solutions, coming this fall from Apress. And now, in his “spare time,” he has started The Tom Kyte Blog, where he answers questions and talks about Oracle, and also talks about himself, his thoughts, and opinions. Tom may have many formal and informal titles, but the one he wants for himself is “Ambasssador of Oracle”: He wants to help people understand and fully utilize their Oracle databases, and to be satisfied Oracle customers.

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Ask Tom homepage

The Tom Kyte Blog

Books by Tom Kyte


Thomas Kyte is the Vice President of the Core Technologies Group at Oracle Corporation and has been with them since version 7.0.9 was released in 1993. Kyte, however, has been working with Oracle since version 5.1.5c. At Oracle Corp., Kyte works with the Oracle database, and more specifically, he helps clients who are using the Oracle database and works directly with them specifying and building their systems or rebuilding and tuning them. Prior to working at Oracle, Kyte was a systems integrator who built large scale, heterogeneous databases and applications for military and government clients. Tom Kyte is the same “Ask Tom” whose column appears in Oracle Magazine, where he answers questions about the Oracle database and tools that developers and DBAs struggle with every day.

Production Credits

Dana Farver, Executive Producer, Communities Editor-in-Chief
Tom Parish, Audio Producer, Show Host
Kimberly Stone, Web Development Manager
Scott Ebner, Web Developer

Last modified 2006-12-29 02:54 PM

Voice is not clear in mp3 format.

Posted by Ach at 2005-07-30 07:23 AM
Is it possible for you to put the text of Tom Kyte's interview here?
Unfotunately the voice was not clear at some points of interview.

Podcast has been re-encoded

Posted by kstone at 2005-08-03 07:13 AM
We've redone the podcast to try to make Tom's voice a bit clearer. I hope this helps everyone!
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