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Oracle Links

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Oracle Links Building BI Dashboards with Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Discoverer, and Oracle Portal
This article explains a business intelligence dashboard. It gives the basics on building a simple portal page framework, publishing some Oracle Discoverer worksheets as portlets, and wiring them together by using a shared Department parameter. by Mark Rittman, ITtoolbox
Oracle Links Oracle SQL and Index Internals: EXPLAIN and Understand
The following is the seventh part of a 12-part series on Oracle10g CBO internals and SQL tuning optimization. by Kimberly Floss, TechTarget
Oracle Links Room With a Better View
This article discusses how to plan for materialized (MVs), how to set up and confirm different MV capabilities, how to automatically generate the scripts to create MVs, how to make query rewrite (QR) available, and how to make sure that QR gets used. by Arup Nanda,
Oracle Links Tame Your Content
Content management is a big issue these days. Not only do businesses need to better organize exploding amounts of unstructured content for their own benefit, but they also need to manage it to comply with increasingly strict governmental regulations and policies. by David. A. Kelly, TechTarget
Oracle Links The Advantages of Reorganizing an Oracle Tablespace
An expert discusses the advantages of reorganizing an Oracle Database besides freeing up space that was allocated to that particular table or tablespace. by Paul Baumgartel, Tech Target
Oracle Links Why it's OK to have more Latches than CPUs
We have all heard that it doesn't make sense to have more latches than the number of CPUs. This is because you can never use more latches simultaneously than the number of CPUs. While this appears to make perfect sense, it conceals a hidden lie. And here's why... by Craig A. Shallahamer, TechTarget
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