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Current Articles

Chapter 5. Patching - Part 4

by Elke Phelps and Paul Jackson

From Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide, authors Elke Phelps and Paul Jackson answer the question, what do you do after you've patched? Included is information on post-patching steps, clean up, and patching best practices. Check it out, and thanks to our friends at Apress for providing great content for our community!

Mining Information from the Listener Log - Part 3

by Arup Nanda

The first two parts of this article series explained how to build a tool to mine information from the listener log, which contains valuable information, yet is usually ignored in database analysis. In this third and last article of the series, you will see how to extract enhanced bits of information from the listener log and also how to tie it in with security analysis.

Simply the Best: Review of Jonathan Lewis’s New Book, Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals

by Christopher Foot

DBAzine’s Oracle-Ace-in-Residence, Chris Foot, has just completed reading Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals by Jonathan Lewis, and the word is, “this is one of the most educational and informative books I have ever read on the cost-based optimizer.” Read Chris’s review of this new book to find out why.

Podcast - Audio Interview

Kevin Clugage - Event-driven Architecture and the Enterprise

Event-driven Achtecture -- what is it, and how is it making big changes for today's enterprise? Here to talk about this software innovation is Kevin Clugage, the product director for Oracle Fusion Middleware. Kevin has a deep history with Event-driven Architecture, or EDA, so he had no trouble answering our questions about it -- what it is, how it's different from (or similar to) SOA, which enterprises might benefit more than others from adopting EDA, and what about the interactive EDA architecture and Web 2.0? Is EDA on your company's horizon? Join us for an informative conversation with Oracle's Kevin Clugage, and find out what you want to know about!

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