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DB2 Mainframe Links

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DB2 Mainframe Links DB2 Migration to Version 8 - Part 1
The move from IBM DB2 V7 to V8 has begun, and this article highlights a number of issues surrounding it, including reasons for migrating from V7 to V8, how to prepare for migration, performing DB2 configuration backup, and more. by Marin Komadina, Database Journal
DB2 Mainframe Links DB2 Migration to Version 8 - Part 2
In part 2 of this article, Komadina discusses more issues that appeared during post migration testing, including database routines, JVM and JDBC driver, Explain Tables V8. by Marin Komadina, Database Journal
DB2 Mainframe Links Developing DB2 Applications: The Platform Choice is Yours
The new DB2 UDB v.8.2 may finally provide a way for both Java aficionados and .NET fans to see eye to eye. This e-book includes information on new DB2 developments with platform-specific examples. ebook from DB2 Magazine (registration required)
DB2 Mainframe Links Security: The Global View
In an increasingly uncertain world, law enforcement and intelligence agencies are seeking to integrate information — and are encountering major challenges. But federation and integration technologies can help. by Mark Leon, DB2 Magazine
DB2 Mainframe Links Table Spaces And Locking Levels, Part 1
A from-the-ground-up discussion of the issues surrounding locking levels, beginning with the difference between a database and a table space, then a look at the three basic types of table spaces. by Bonnie Baker, DB2 Magazine
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