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Data Warehouse Links

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Data Warehouse Links Alan Alda's Interviewing Tips for Uncovering Business Requirements
What can actor Alan Alda, most widely known from the hit TV's "M*A*S*H," teach us about collecting information from brilliant businesspeople at requirements interviews? As it turns out, plenty! by Margy Ross and Ralph Kimball, Intelligent Enterprise
Data Warehouse Links Compliance to Regulations: A Data Warehousing Approach
In today’s current regulatory climate, businesses need a scalable framework to manage the regulatory compliance. A custom-built compliance data warehouse framework may be best suited for organizations with large amounts of operational and transactional data. by Vaibhav Shringarpure, DM Review
Data Warehouse Links Executive Summary: Enterprise Metadata Framework
A "best practices" implementation framework for enterprise metadata. by R. Todd Stephens - Ph. D., TDAN
Data Warehouse Links Get to Smarter IT Services
If IT management ideas are moving toward a business-driven model, what does this mean for critical-but-unglamorous tasks, such as application management? by Lisa Erickson-Harris, Intelligent Enterprise
Data Warehouse Links Improving DW Performance: Survey Finds Companies Are Flying Blind
Say you have spent a lot of time and money to enhance your data warehouse with the latest infrastructure, and now, performance-wise, your data warehouse is superb. But to what degree does this high performance correlate with exceptional business value? by Stephen Swoyer,
Data Warehouse Links Mark Rittman's Oracle Web Log
This month: Some Oracle BI&W Product News, Controlling The Sort Order of a Dimension Using AWM, Two New Open-Source BI Projects, and more!
Data Warehouse Links Market Shifts and Data Warehouse Appliances
A discussion about the major changes likely to occur in the data warehousing industry over the coming year, using the concepts of Clayton Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School, who wrote the books Innovator’s Dilemma and Innovator’s Solution. by Dr. Richard Hackathorn,
Data Warehouse Links Over Half of Data Warehouse Projects Doomed
Despite the critical importance of data quality, many companies do not recognize that they have any issues with it. Such lack of consistency and accuracy of data will doom more than 50 percent of data warehouse projects during the next two years … and this is not just an IT problem. by Robert Jaques,
Data Warehouse Links The 12 Reasons Why Data Warehousing Fails
A blog addressing the previous article, “Over Half of Data Warehouse Projects Doomed.” by Donovan McDonough, ITtoolbox Blogs
Data Warehouse Links The Business Intelligence Network
The Business Intelligence Network features industry specific resources and information for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing professionals. Other features include weekly newsletters by Bill Inmon, Claudia Imhoff and other industry professionals.
Data Warehouse Links Unified Business Intelligence in Action: Managing Risk for the Financial Services Market in a World of Uncertainty
Traditional, structured BI systems have hit a ceiling of functionality, but what can take their place? A unified BI architecture that incorporates traditional structured data management and analysis with text analysis tools to reach the information hidden in unstructured content. by Ronen Feldman, Ph.D.DMReview
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