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DBAzine Talks with Tom Kyte DBAzine Talks with Tom Kyte

Tom Kyte: upcoming features at

It’s been said that there are not enough people in this world who love what they do for a living, but we’ve found one: Tom Kyte. The title of Tom’s day job is Vice President of the Core Technologies Group at Oracle Corporation, but you may know him better as a columnist for Oracle Magazine (that’s Tom, as in “Ask Tom”), author of the popular book, Expert One-on-One Oracle, and of the new book, Expert Oracle 9i and 10g Programming Techniques and Solutions, coming this fall from Apress. And now, in his “spare time,” he has started The Tom Kyte Blog, where he answers questions and talks about Oracle, and also talks about himself, his thoughts, and opinions.

How does he do all of this and still stay excited about databases in general, and about Oracle in particular? We wanted to know, and so recently asked Tom this question, and more. We’ll air that podcast next week, and give away some of Tom’s books and excerpts from his forthcoming book, courtesy of Apress. So stay tuned, and thanks for being loyal members of our community!

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