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Great Info (by Any Other Name) from Oracle’s Tom Kyte Great Info (by Any Other Name) from Oracle’s Tom Kyte

Lately, you may have noticed that we at DBAzine and Apress publishing company got our wires crossed. When we thought we were publishing chapter 3 from Tom’s latest book, we’d actually published chapter 3 from his Expert Oracle, Signature Edition: Programming Techniques and Solutions for Oracle 7.3 through 8.1.7, published in April 2005. (Confused? Well, let’s go on …)

That means, Tom Kyte’s “Locking and Concurrency,” articles, parts one, two, and three, were mislabeled when originally published (they have now been updated to show the correct source). But when everything was sorted out, the generous folks at Apress sent us an excerpt from Tom’s Sept. 2005 book, Expert Oracle Database Architecture: 9i and 10g Programming Techniques and Solutions, which will be published in five parts, starting this week with part one.

Well, mistakes happen … but thanks to Apress and Mr. Kyte, DBAzine readers will now enjoy reading excerpts from both of these essential Oracle books!

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