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Out of the Cubicle, Into the Business Out of the Cubicle, Into the Business

We've heard it once (from Craig Mullins); we've heard it twice (from Chris Foot): It's time for DBAs to come out from behind their cubicle walls and into the corridors of the business ... for the good of their own careers. Do we believe? WE BELIEVE -- especially after reading an article and listening to a podcast, both featured this week, by longtime IMS expert and IT gadfly Peter Armstrong. Peter's article -- subtly titled "How Do I Keep My Job?" -- expands on the views of Craig and Chris and makes the case for, among other things, proactive learning about IT best practices as one way to better support business goals.

Are you ready to take Peter Armstrong's challenge and learn about best practices, to increase your value to your business? Beginning this month, will periodically publish articles by experts on today's best practices, including Balanced Scorecard, CobIT, and of course, ITIL. Look for these in the Interest channel, post your questions, and let us know if you think these are helpful. We believe that in the 21st Century, business will become more competitive, IT will become more complex (remember when you heard that email would simplify professional life?), and the world will need IT professionals who not only know their technologies, but know their businesses, and are ready to help them succeed.

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