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SQL Server

SQL Server Articles Archive  |  SQL Server Links

Current Articles

SQL Server 2005 and Express Installation Tips and Tricks

by John Paul Cook

In this article, author John Cook shows how to install SQL Server 2005, to minimize the number of steps. By understanding documented, undocumented, and obscure features, you can get relief from installation pain points.

Creating and Deploying a Smart Client with Plug-Ins — Deployment and Implementation

by Eric Charran

This week, a new concept from author and SQL Server expert Eric Charran, in his DBAzine “Creating and Deploying a Smart Client with Plug-Ins” series. This article focuses on the design techniques for the plug-in assembly, as well as techniques to deploy the application. Also discussed are vital code access security concepts that must be accommodated before running the smart client(s) from the URL.

Chapter 13. Triggers - Part 3

by Robin Dewson

In this last installment in our series on SQL Server triggers from the book Beginning SQL Server 2005 for Developers: From Novice to Professional, author Robin Dewson highlights DDL triggers (including a list of events that can force the DDL trigger to execute), the EVENTDATA() function, and more.

Popular Articles

Transaction Log Guidelines by Craig S. Mullins

Calling Stored Procedures from ADO.NET by John Paul Cook

Saving and Retrieving Binary Files With SQL Server by Eric Charran

Moving DTS Packages by Gregory A. Larsen

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